Tuesday, January 22, 2013

‘Sharing the Spirit with Amador Lifeline’

In December 2012, Amador Lifeline was able to share the Christmas spirit with our Amador Lifeline clients by delivering 71 fabulous Christmas baskets and gift bags full of goodies and useful items donated by the Sierra Belles of Amador County organization!  Each one of the 46 gift baskets were prepared by a member, who all told us the project brought them much joy, happiness and Christmas spirit. In addition, the Gold Country Chapter of the American Sewing Guild ladies donated their time and the materials to prepare dish towels, dish cloths, lap blankets, and toiletries in cute bags for our clients.  About 25 of those Christmas gifts were also delivered.  

Not only did our clients reap the rewards in this endeavor, so did our staff and volunteers! Amador Lifeline’s 7 volunteer installers wore Santa hats and delivered the gifts in their ‘sleighs’ on wheels.  The result was many smiles, much cheer and great appreciation.  The volunteers had fun, and the clients were thrilled.

Amador Lifeline is so grateful for the community’s support in gifting seniors who may be insolated, without close family, having chronic health issues or with very limited finances.  At Christmas time they are often a group of people who are forgotten.  In 2012, they were not! The Sierra Belles have already asked if they can “Give Again” in 2013! Other organizations have asked to be involved also!

Here are a few of the grateful comments we’ve received:

“It came at the right time to get my “drooping” spirits lifted!  I’ve heard of the Sierra Belles [for years], but thought of the group more as a social group.  Little did I realize they ‘gave back’ to the community in such a thoughtful and loving way.”  

“I was surprised to receive a large Christmas bag delivered to my door.  I decided that Christmas had come early to my house, and one by one opened the many useful gifts inside.  I am recovering from an illness, and spend much of my day in my recliner chair.  The puzzles in [this] book help me pass the time in a very enjoyable way”

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me before with such a wonderful array of gifts.  I can’t begin to tell you how much happiness that brought me.  I am still overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness for you to do such a wonderful thing.” 

“That is so kind of you to give this gift.  I wish to thank each of you for sharing your lovely work with me.” 

“What a lovely idea – to honor your seniors with a nice Christmas gift.  Believe me, it was surely appreciated.   Thank you so much!”

“I just loved the useful items, and was just on my way to purchase a new toothbrush and paste, and here it was in my Christmas bag!  Loved the blanket, which my cat just loves, the gloves and all.”

“Thank you for the nice gift.  It was a pleasant surprise.”

“That is so kind of you to give this gift.  I wish to thank each of you for sharing your lovely work with me”

“Hello!  An elf rang my doorbell and brought me a big basket of goodies!  Thank you so very much.”

Christmas Gift Giving to our Amador Lifeline Clients!

Graciously donated by both the Sierra Belles &

American Sewing Guild, Gold Country Chapter 

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